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Not all Bries are made alike! Brie is a young, soft-ripened cheese with a creamy paste, an edible bloomy rind, and a distinctive aroma. At Käse we have experimented with cow, buffalo and goat milk and the goat milk one is a favourite! The smaller fat globules in goat's milk keep the cream incorporated rather than rising to the top as it does with cow's milk

All our bloomy rind cheese are made using natural cultures and the Brie is not sprayed with Penicillium candidum which forms the distinct white crust in bloomy rind cheese, this often makes the crust inedible as it matures.

In our cheese it's the geotrichum candidum that form a fuzzy white uneven growth on the rind, keeping it edible almost like a smooth skin of a fruit.

The rind and interior of goat's milk brie are a brighter white than the cream color of brie produced from cow's milk. Goats convert the carotene in grass and hay into colorless vitamin A.

Goat brie pairs well with a baguette or crackers and fresh fruit, cured meat, and olives. You can bake it in a skillet with mushrooms, wrap it in puff pastry, or top it with honey. It makes an unexpected choice on a grilled cheese or pizza and adds creaminess to dips.

Unit size: 100 to 130 grams

Best within: 60 days